MathU 12D

  • Determine loan and mortgage terms
  • Compute bond pricing and depreciation 
  • Perform cash flow analysis
  • Work with calendar dates

What is MathU 12D?

MathU 12D is a deluxe financial RPN calculator that turns your iPhone or iPad into a Reverse written from the ground up to behave exactly like and surpass the classic HP-12C.

MathU 12D uses the same RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) entry system and supports the same mathematical functions and the same button layout as the HP-12C. In fact, if you are familiar with the HP-12C you will be able to use MathU 12D right away.

MathU 12D also adds some big improvements over the original HP-12C:

  1. Visible Financial Registers — The values of the financial registers are displayed prominently above the associated buttons. This allows you to quickly verify that the loan parameters are correct and builds confidence in the results.
  2. Computation Speed — You will be amazed how quickly MathU 12D produces results. Even complicated calculations like the determination of interest rate, IRR or NPV are finished in a fraction of a second.
  3. Two line display — A two line display can be chosen so that the x and y register values are always visible. You can immediately see results and verify input values.
  4. Visible Programming — Program lines are displayed using the function name instead of the key pad location. This makes reading and writing MathU 12D programs easier.
  5. 20 Registers unaffected by programs – The registers are not shared with the program space so you can create up to 99 line programs without sacrificing any storage space.
  6. Double precision accuracy. The calculator does all calculations using 16 digits of precision.

Full documentation for MathU 12D is available on as well as accessible from within the app. All the functions work exactly the same as on the HP-12C, so if you are familiar with the HP-12C you will be able to use MathU 12D right away.

Made by Creative Creek, LCC. We have been making calculators for mobile devices for over 20 years. 

MathU 12D is a native iPhone application that runs on iPhones and iPads running iOS 9.3 or higher. 

The calculator does all calculations with double precision accuracy and has 96 functions including 15 financial functions, 4 number bases and 10 statistical functions. There are 20 memory registers.


  • Integrated time value of money (TVM) financial functions
  • Cash flow analysis (NPV and IRR)
  • Date functions
  • Bond pricing and yield
  • Depreciation
  • One or two line display
  • Fast and accurate computation based on IEEE double precision (up to 16 digits)
  • 5 financial registers (visible on the main screen)
  • 20 storage registers
  • 4 element stack
  • Programmable with up to 99 program steps
  • Program steps show function name directly
  • Two line display option
  • FIX, SCI, and ENG display modes
  • Access to built-in documentation
  • Settings screen
  • Supports international number format setting
  • Copy and paste support
  • Split screen and multitasking on iPad running iOS 13 or higher.

System Requirements

iPhone, or iPad running iOS 15.0 or higher.

General Features

  • App for iPhone and iPad
  • Natural calculator interface that matches the layout of the HP-12C
  • IEEE Double precision accuracy (about 16 digits)
  • 4 element stack
  • 38 key keyboard (3 functions per key)
  • 16 digit display with SCI, FIX, and ENG formats. Exponents from -308 to 308.
  • Status indicators for shift state, compounding mode, and financial annuity mode.
  • Preferences to set the number of digits, display format, date format
  • One or two line stack display
  • Up to 99 program steps
  • Split-screen and multitasking on iPad’s running iOS 13 or higher


  • 4 element stack
  • 20 global registers (directly accessible via the keyboard)
  • 5 dedicated financial registers
  • stack and register functions: clear reg, clear fin, clx, x<>y, LST X, 

Scientific Functions

  • LN, ex, yx, √x, 1/x

Financial Functions

  • n (number of periods)
  • i (percent interest per period)
  • PMT (payment per period)
  • PV (present value)
  • FV (future value)
  • IRR (internal rate of return)
  • NPV (net present value)
  • 12×, 12÷ (annualized period and interest entry)
  • Cf0, Cfj, Nj (Cashflow entry)
  • AMORT (amortization table)
  • clear fin (clear financial registers)
  • Annuity preference (toggle between payments due at the beginning of the period and payments due at the end of the period)
  • PRICE (bond price) and YTM (bond yield)
  • SL, SOYD, DB (depreciation)

Date Functions

  • DATE (date in the future and day of week)
  • ΔDYS (days between dates)
  • Set date format (M.DY or D.MY)

Statistics Functions

  • Σ+ (accumulate statistics)
  • Σ- (remove data from statistics)
  • mean, std
  • x,r,  y,r (linear regression)
  • %, % change, N! (factorial and Gamma function)
  • clear Σ (clear statistics registers)
  • x,r and y,r (linear regression estimates)
  • x,w (weighted mean)
  • n! (factorial and gamma function)

Programming Functions

  • P/R (toggle program editor)
  • R/S (run/stop program)
  • SST and BST (single and back step)
  • GTO (go to line in program)
  • PSE (pause within program)
  • MEM (memory use)
  • x≤y and x=0 (conditional branch steps)

The MathU 12D comes with a built-in Quick Reference guide (clicking here will open guide in a new window).

Access the guide by clicking the info icon on the calculator app.

Click icons for more info on MathU 12D, or click here to compare MathU calculators.